Artist: Brick Fields
Album: Gospel Blue
Label: Fields Of Sound
Reviewer: Melissa Martinez
Date: Sep 19, 2011


Admittedly, I am not the world's foremost expert on Gospel, but I popped this in curious about just what Brick Fields had to offer. The team of Rachel Fields Brick and Larry Brick share not only a love of music and faith, but of each other, and this makes "Gospel Blue" an extremely personal endeavor for both I'm sure. Rachel and Larry wrote and arranged all the songs with the exception of "Amazing Grace" and there is definitely an outpouring of emotion on every track. They're joined by a talented group of musicians that give a richness to everything.


Rachel has a booming voice that can bring you in a multitude of directions, at times even coming close to bringing a tear to my eye. Normally that's reserved for songs that have a deeply personal meaning to me. There is no reedy, wispy singing on this; just a powerful alto voice that Rachel uses sublimely. Larry and his guitar, whether playing electric or acoustic, offer the perfect compliment to the rich vocals.


The disc starts strong with "On The Vine", a slightly funky song about letting love mature punctuated by sax. "Cryin" allows Rachel to show her skill with a flute as well as her voice. The harmonies in the beginning of "In The Light Of Love" are striking and give way to an uptempo song with the organ punctuating throughout. The cd continues to surprise with the depth of the sounds.


"Hopelessly Addicted" could be a lover's lament if it were on anything but a Gospel CD. "Talk About The Weather" is another upbeat song with lyrics that make you think "Amen!". "How Long" is a ballad that sounds deceptively simple, until you pick up on the nuances of sounds offered. "These Are The Days" gives the listener an R&B feel to groove on.


"Go On With The Soul" I imagine would give me goosebumps if I heard it live. It's that powerful. "Lord I'm Coming Home" is a very bluesy sounding song that will have even a hardened person feeling good. "Amazing Grace" closes the disc. It's jazz feeling, and honestly this is just one of those songs that I wish people would leave alone. There is nothing wrong with the arrangement, but it's not how I enjoy hearing it. Only my opinion, and I'm sure that there are scores of people that really enjoy the more modern feel.


All in all, a good CD. Strong vocals, strong guitar, and a great backing band. I don't know that this will replace my regular diet of Blues, Rock, and Metal; but this may be the disc I play the next time I need a lift.

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