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As our mission statement says in part,

We are not only going to be covering the most current music out there, but also older music as well. We are the keepers and purveyors of Rock-N-Roll History as well. In the case of Rock-N-Roll, those that forget about where Rock-N-Roll came from will just forget it and the music will slowly fade out forever. We have the opportunity to make sure that never happens, and we will take this opportunity as it has been given to us to make sure that the music is not forgotten. This is not just music, but art and it is living and breathing and has life.”

We want to always be your home for all of the best that music and entertainment has to offer. We are always here for you and always will continue to be. We have CD and Concert reviews in our Reviews Section; Articles, Editorials, and such in our Features Section. The Local Scene section is the who, what, and where in a local area, in other words, a spot light on the local happenings in the community. Our Multimedia Section has videos and audio interviews and video interviews. We will always be striving to make this the best interactive features section that we can, you that you will have an awesome “multimedia” experience.

You can always get a hold of us thru the Contact Us section. We will be having News and Press Releases on our front page, along with “Fun Corner”, which will have trivia, top 10 and higher lists, and all things fun.

Thank you for coming to Rock Over America, please come again...


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