Artist: Susan Surftone
Album: Shore
Label: Acme Brothers Records
Reviewer: Mark Lewis
Date: Nov 23, 2011


The Ventures, The Chantays, Dick Dale, The Surfaris, and many other Surf Rock bands set the tone for the 1960’s, and you have to include Jan and Dean and The Beach Boys in here as well.  When she was growing up, Susan Surftone wanted to play Surf Guitar but was told girls don‘t and can’t do that.  I will go on record and say “Thank God” and “Thank the Surf Guitar gods looking down” that she didn’t listen.  Later in life she went on to become one of the premier Surf Rock guitar players.  I would honestly put her up against any of the greats, she is truly that amazing.

The new album is entitled “Shore” and it is a fitting tribute and legacy to all that is Surf Rock.  She is also “The” torch bearer for the genre.  The album is 12 songs in length, and every single song is utterly amazing and the album just gets better and better, not only as each song goes into the next, but also each time you listen to it.  When you have a musician of this caliber, you expect greatness and usually will get it.  Sometimes though, you are shocked and surprised beyond your wildest dreams and expectations, because just when you thought you couldn’t be any more amazed, you are again, over and over.  That is the case here. This one is pure gold, pure and simple.

This album is a high Editor’s recommendation, not only for pure and true Surf Rock, but for amazing musicianship as well, and for Rock and music lovers everywhere you will definitely want to add this one to your collection.  This one is the proverbial “Homerun”, the true “Hang 10”, musically speaking.  Just Rockin’!!!  Now where is my old woodie parked and where did I leave my surfboard and that can of board wax???

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