Artist: The Beltways
Album: Chasing the Sun
Label: Sawng Mfg. Records
Reviewer: Cassandra Young
Date: Oct 8, 2012


The Beltways, making waves in the music industry since 1994, recently released their fourth album ‘Chasing the Sun’ May 2012. The Beltways may not be new to the business, but they definitely bring something unique to the table. Creating their own sound by tactfully blending multiple genres together, they are unlike anything recorded before. Using steady beats provided by Pete Kuhn on the drums and Billy Patrick on the bass, creative guitar riffs performed by both Jay Filippone and Bob Kannenburg, and southern sounding vocals delivered by the entire band, especially Filippone, the band has established a reputation as a talented and lasting band. With twelve very different tracks that incorporate different sounds, there’s a song for everyone on ‘Chasing the Sun’.


Kicking off the album with “Left All Up to Me,” the song impossible not to sing along to, the record instantly becomes addictive. With the fast paced guitar pieces and distinct twang of Kannenburg’s voice, the song is one of a kind. “Whiskey in the Workhouse” is one of the most country-infused tracks on ‘Chasing the Sun’, again having Kannenburg utilize his voice to add a southerly ambience to the album.  “70 on 70” is an extremely fun track, pausing every so often for the lyrics “I never thought it would end like that,” and the clicking cowbell afterwards.  “Perfect” is surprisingly an appropriate name for the seventh track of ‘Chasing the Sun’. The vocals in perfect harmony with the instrumentals, the lyrics sweet, simple and memorable, the beautifully distorted guitar solo halfway through makes this song one to be put on repeat.  “Callous” is a slow, steady song that captures attention right as it starts. With its unique guitar rhythm and the meaningful chorus that makes your heart stop, “Callous” is beyond any doubt an extraordinary track. “Maybe Next Year,” the last track of the album, describes that feeling of longing over that girl you’ve been pining over since she left for a new and more exciting town.


‘Chasing the Sun’ is yet another success by The Beltways, whose debut album hit the public in 1996. Gaining more and more fans with every new album released, The Beltways won’t be hitting a plateau anytime soon. Their competence and maturity in all things music makes them a force to be reckoned with, and with a one of a kind sound, they won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. 

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