Artist: Cars
Album: "Move Like This"
Reviewer: Taylor Carlson
Date: Jul 10, 2014


The Cars - "Move Like This"

"Move Like This" is the seventh studio album from the Cars, and their first since 1987's "Door to Door." It was released on May 10, 2011.

The Cars were the quintessential New Wave/Classic Rock band. They had all the bases covered, releasing six classic albums from 1978-1987. Their own breed of pop rock quickly gained a following, and they retain heavy airplay on classic rock radio stations.  
The group disbanded following the 1987 studio album, "Door to Door." In the years in between the members pursued their own interests. Sadly, bassist Benjamin Orr lost his battle with pancreatic cancer in 2000. Apart from the occasional reissues, and a "New Cars" semi-reunion circa 2006 (which also included Todd Rundgren and Prairie Prince), the band was basically inactive.

Recent years saw the other surviving classic Cars members - Ric Ocasek, Greg Hawkes, Elliot Easton, and David Robinson reuniting. Finally, we had a REAL Cars reunion, with the only member missing being the late, Ben Orr. They stunned the rock world when they announced they were recording a new album!

After much anticipation, the group released "Move Like This" in the Spring of 2011. The album marked a collaboration with Jacknife Lee, who produced the record and played additional bass parts. So, how does "Move Like This" measure up?

Expectations were likely all over the place for this record, but I will be one of many to say it does not disappoint. If you didn't know better, you would swear this record was recorded back in the band's heyday, before their initial break-up. Ric Ocasek's vocals sound exactly the same as they did back then, and I mean that as an enormous compliment. As far as whether this album falls more into the darker, earlier sound of the Roy Thomas Baker-produced album or the Mutt Lange-produced Heartbeat City, I would say the album is something of a happy medium between the two. You have your share of upbeat pop tunes, as well as straight up rockers, and gloomy and melodic stuff as well. All the bases are covered. This record is everything I hoped it would be and more.

I have no complaints. With this reunion record, the Cars have meet, and exceeded any expectations, and/or doubts I may have had regarding a potential reunion album. "Move Like This" is every bit on par with the band's classic material, and it comes STRONGLY RECOMMENDED!


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