Date:  Dec 19, 2012
Title: Planet Rock 12/19/2012
Band:  All That Remains, Beyond Threshold, Circ
Venue:  Planet Rock
Place:  Battle Creek, MI
Author: Jacy Flanagan
Posted:  Dec 22, 2012

First up was the newly formed band Kor from the South Michigan area. Led by Kristy Wright these youths got the party started with the surprising screaming ability from such an unsuspected source. Where most bands dress in black t-shirts and let their hair down this little lady put on a white button down blouse with pearl buttons and put her hair up with Bohemian inspired hair clips. Maybe they should change their name to Con short for contradiction. At least that, I can find in the dictionary. In researching Kor I found nothing on YouTube or Facebook so it was a pleasant surprise to witness the breakout performance and showmanship of these musicians. From what I understand they will be playing with Battlecross at the Golden Gnome in South Bend on 12/28/2012 at 9:00pm.

Next up was the local band Circus Asylum with their new lead singer, Alexa  Justo. Circus is at home in Battle Creek and obviously enjoyed performing for friends and fans as they pumped the crowd into a rowdy mood.  Plagued by issues surrounding their lead singers Circus’s new Ring Master was a definite hit. Being new to the scene did not stop this lady from shining like a little star. I hope to see more of this band in the South Bend area as they hone their performance before going on tour in the upcoming New Year.

After what seemed like an eternity for stage reset Beyond Threshold took the stage in an awesome display of lights and sound as Erik Virgen used his whole body to rally the crowd to jump for songs like Everchanging, Overthrown and Who We Are. Their set seemed to fly by way too fast for fans as Beyond Threshold slammed their performance level through the roof. I am not the only one noticing Beyond Threshold claiming their place in the music industry. Tim King states, "When I heard the completed version of "Who We Are" I knew I had to team up with them to release it on Goomba Music." Excerpt from the article GOOMBA MUSIC Signs BEYOND THRESHOLD In Partnership With TURKEY VULTURE RECORDS at Music Industry News Network  12/22/2012.

 Fans needed an intermission to catch their breath after that performance\! I watched in amazement as almost the entire venue cleared out and then filled back up in anticipation for All That Remains. As we settled into our places the lights dimmed and the intro music started for ATR. The fans screamed a roaring welcome the likes of which I have never heard before. It will be a quiet ride home for sure as many fans strip their vocal cords with a deafening roar of welcome as All That Remains takes the stage. The lights flash, the bass kicks in and the chaos ensues\! There is a reason these guys are so hugely popular with fans. It is not just the lyrics and music but the showmanship and stage presence that makes this a grand spectacle to witness. Fans were encouraged to party “like its 1987!” Wait, what? 1987? Well, everyone has a comic moment as some point. I guess this was theirs.

The best part of the whole evening in my opinion is the end when bands show their true colors. Do they stay and mingle or make a bee line for the back door? Do they sign autographs or hide in the trailer? Tonight fans were blessed and all the performers stayed. I witnessed the new singer for Circus Asylum, Alexa, sheepishly approach a member of All That Remains for an autograph on her t-shirt claiming a family member LOVED ATR. I couldn’t help but see the stars in her eyes as her bright smile flashed and he scribbled on the shirt for her. Kristy of Kor commented that she was glad it wasn’t a sausage fest with the ladies of rock doing their part. I would have to agree I do enjoy seeing a girl rock out in a world dominated by men. This was a great evening brought to you by Ardent Entertainment and well worth the inexpensive ticket price.


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