Date:  Aug 27, 2014
Title: Charity Event
Band:  Sin City Sinners
Venue:  Count's Vamp'd
Place:  Las Vegas, NV
Author: Nadine Russo
Posted:  Sep 6, 2014
Sin City Sinners" Brent Muscat ( Faster Pussycat) guitar, backup vocals, Michael "Doc" Ellis (Love/Hate) guitar, back up vocals, Rob Cournoyer (Raging Slab), drums & Joshua Alan, vocals. The Sin City Sinners played at Count's Vamp'd for 24 hours straight with special guests. This was a charity event. All proceeds go to the NSPCA, Nevada. Sin City Sinners started playing Wednesday night (8-27-2014) at 8:00      I arrived at Count's Vamp'd at about 8:10 A.M. I went to Count's Vamp'd to  give my support to the Sin City Sinners. Two minuets after I arrived it was announced that Scott Griffin (LA Guns) was awake and he was on his way to Count's Vamp'd and he would be singing.     There were a few people in the club at this time having breakfast. We are rooting for the Sin city Sinners to break a record for playing 24 hours straight. It's announced that if you donate $10.00 to the NSPCA you would receive a Proclamation from the mayor stateing that August 27, 2014 is Sin City Day (the Band's 7th anniversary). This is signed by all members of the band and Scott too. When I heard this I donated $10.00 for a good cause.     Scott Griffin has arrived, sunglasses on, his guitar and a cup of coffee from Starbucks. Set #14 now starts with Scot singing "I Love Rock and Roll" Scott is in rare form singing & playing his guitar, pleasing the crowd with his presence. Seems a little funny to see Brent, Doc & Scott all wearing their sunglasses on stage. Joshua who's a little tired sits on a stool then standing up he's at the mic and starts to sing. This is my 1st time seeing the new singer Joshua. I'm impressed with the quality of his voice. Jason the manager of the Sin City Sinners announces set #15 is coming up. The Sinners along with Scott take a break.     Oz Foz (Stryper, Vinyl Tattoo, Let It Rawk) has now arrived. Oz takes the stage with his yellow and black stripped guitar playing some "Pour Some Sugar on Me" as this Def Leppard video is on the TV. Then he plays some of the "Star Spangled Banner".  Jason announces set #15 Rob, Scott & Oz take the stage, right into  the song "Purple Haze" with Oz doing the singing. Scott announces that he's playing Hendrix with Oz at 10 in the morning. More Hendrix songs are covered. Breaktime with Oz's departure.     Set #16 Scott's pick all KISS songs will be played. Brent is on stage with a sleeping bag wrapped around him. Sin City Sinners along with Scott cover some KISS songs ending with "I Want to Rock and Roll All night".     It's now lunchtime. A good size crowd is here at Vamp's having their lunch when the truly amazing Paul Shortino (Rough. Cutt, Quiet Riot, Raiding the Rock Vault) arrives. Paul takes the stage playing his guitar doing an acoustic song that he and Howard Leese (Heart) wrote. This song was so enjoyable and beautifully sung by Paul. Sin City Sinners join Paul on stage. Paul sings some cover songs with the band.    I now leave Count's Vamp'd to go home and let the dog out. Now 5:30 P.M. my daughter Darcie and I are stuck in traffic, when Phil Lewis (LA Guns) is on the stage and singing with Sin City Sinners. We arrive at Vamp's when the Sinners are on a break. Scott Griffin joins the Sinners on stage for the final set. Brent looks so tired, and so does Joshua, Doc is messing up his words, still some energy from Rob. Sin City Sinners and Scott give it their all playing some cover songs.  Sin City Sinners accomplished whatt they set out to do. The Sin City Sinners have broke the record for playing at Count's Vamp'd for 24 hours. Many  rock star guests came out and gave their support to the Sinners. We honor the Sin City Sinners for their great music and their efforts helping to raise money for charities.       



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