Date:  Aug 30, 2014
Title: KISS Niight III
Band:  All Star Bands
Venue:  Count's Vamp'd
Place:  Las Vegas, NV
Author: Nadine Russo
Posted:  Sep 6, 2014

KISS night III was held at Count's Vamp'd. When I walked into Count's Vamp'd I was so surprised. This club was so packed you could hardly walk around. People came to donate to the Imagine Foundation and listen to some good music by some of the best rock musicians. This event was broadcasted live on Raffle tickets were being sold for $5.00.     Stoney Curtis, Shon McKee, Morpheus Blak and K. Caruso presents "A Save the Music in Clark County Schools" charity event to assist the Imagine Foundation.     Imagine is a non-profit corporation created to help fund the music departments of Clark county Schools in Las Vegas. This non-profit organization founded by Lisa Chapman-Goulston. Imagine accept monetary charitable donations as well. Imagine currently hold 501 (c) (3) status which allows for federal tax exemptions enabling us to obtain more substantial donations for the kids of Las Vegas.     Special guest was Bob Kulick a studio musician for the rock band KISS.     Sin City KISS, is a KISS tribute band. Comprised of 4 members who dress up in KISS costumes and have KISS make-up on. Each member of Sin City KISS represents a different member of KISS. They did play some KISS songs.      So many talented rock musicians were at Count's Vamp'd such as: Frank DiMino, Stacey Blades, Jeff Duncan, Scot Coogan, Robert Hussey, Barry Barnes, Michael "Doc" Ellis and his wife Cian Coey,  Stoney Curtis, Geoff Garrett, Jason Ebbs and his wife Jaena, Mike Bassinet etc. These rock star musicians each performed in a rock band that was comprised of different rock star musicians in different rock bands. You never knew which rock star musician was going to be in a band. Each band was a mix of pure talent. Even Johnny Rude surprised us by playing drums on one song.      Count's 77 played and they rocked the house. After Count's 77 played it was announced that a guitar was purchased for $2500.00. The couple who purchased the guitar came onto the stage. All members of Count's 77  present on the stage signed this guitar.     Reserved tables went for $125.00, and the tables all sold out. A huge booth that seats 8, back by the sound board sold for $1000.00. Danny "The Count" Koker and his wife Korie donate $1000.00. A Les Paul painted by Ryan Evan of Count's Kustoms sold for $2500.00.     Stoney Curtis was picking out raffle tickets and calling out the wining names, from the many raffle tickets that were purchased. Some of the prizes were guitars, an Ace Frehley poster signed by Ace, a KISS album, 4 Judas Priest concert tickets and lots more prizes were won. There was a woman who did win a $3000.00 guitar in the raffle, she immediately handed it right back. Stateing she wanted the guitar to be placed in the hands of a child in the Imagine program.     There was a contest for girls who came to Vamp'd dressed up as a member of KISS. Nichole and Sharese won, They split the cash prize that was donated by Dollar Loan Center.     Never have I seen a drum solo with three drummers, Scot Coogan, Jeff Tortora and Shon McKee. This was just amazing to watch.     Scot Coogan (Ace Frehley, Let It Rawk, Blue Man Group) says to the crowd that Ace had called him and asked me to join his band. Scot did say "yes" to Ace. The crowd is cheering and clapping for Scot's good news.     It was an eventful night. Lots of money was raised for the Imagine Foundation.             


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