Date:  Aug 23, 2014
Title: The Crazy Carls at Firestone Live
Band:  The Crazy Carls
Venue:  Firestone Live
Place:  Orlando, FL
Author: Gary Linton
Photos: Victoria Jennings
Posted:  Sep 17, 2014

THE CRAZY CARLS explore pop rock with original personality and great songwriting! Alex Baugh, the band’s singer, songwriter and lead guitarist, is a tremendous performer and versatile artist. His songs flow with superb energy and raw feeling! The band’s pop songs range from falsetto vocals to intense guitar solos and soul searching lyrics, which feature some of Alex’s personal stories.

The music engages and entertains the listener with powerful songs from real life experiences. The band came together in Orlando, and the music has evolved into a very modern pop/rock sound! On the night of Sunday, August 23, 2014, THE CRAZY CARLS took the stage at newly remodeled, Firestone Live in Orlando, Florida!

The anticipation swelled as the band set up.... And POW- Full swing into Live It Right! This evening at Firestone Live was a reggae show, which included bands General Eyes, THE CRAZY CARLS, Scholars Word and Marleys Collie! THE CRAZY CARLS chose to start their set with Live it Right, in the easy feeling reggae style with which they began their career!

After the first verse, they return to the early eighties, disco-pop sound that inspires their current style.  


Alex jumps and hops around on the stage energetically, spinning around in circles with his guitar, which uses a remote setup, while periodically spinning his trademark long dreads around and around his head as he plays an incredible solo!

Alex’s guitar work is precise, fast and catchy!This segways into the next song, which is a cover of Scar Tissue by the Red Hot Chilli Peppers! THE CRAZY CARLS play this hit with all their characteristic reggae tinged, funky, disco-pop sound.

The title song from their latest album, Owl Tattoo is next! Owl Tattoo is clearly a crowd favorite, and for good reason! It’s filled with infectious grooviness and unforgettable riffs that stay with you days after you’ve stopped listening! The band plays this song a little faster than the album, which results in an even more disco-y groove.

But then it comes back to the slow chorus, so none of the emotion is lost. It’s amazing just how energetic this band is! The drummer hits hard, pin-point snaps of his drums, as the bassist and keyboard player dance in rhythm while Alex is leading the way!



Red Lipstick, another infectious song with a wonderful dance, bass line and bouncing fast-paced chorus comes next! The bridge takes us to the verse, which pumps so hard, to the point of being even more punchy than the intro! Then the breakdown slows to an amazing, impassioned grind, full of intensity, with Alex’s dreads flying everywhere!!!

A girl hoola hoops next to the side bar in time to every last Alex gets the crowd to sing along with him, before going back to the chorus! As the stage lighting keeps steadily churning from purple to pink to green and yellow, they begin the last song of their set for the night, Ocean Floor.

This beachy, pop reggae song is reminiscent of a slow Sunday, lying in the sand, sipping beer or an umbrella cocktail in paradise. Yet this song also has a very contemporary flair to the keyboards. THE CRAZY CARLS songs sound magical, and the crowd proves this over and over again by shouting song lyrics non-stop, undoubtedly memorized from the band’s groovy, very colorful, artistic and creative videos!

THE CRAZY CARLS have roots in many musical genres from reggae to funk and defies labeling! Their sound is always fresh, with rich vocals and sensitive lyrics.

 Their new Owl Tattoo CD features superb dance music with energetic tracks like “Celebrity” and “Red Lipstick”. Other songs like “Leave Me Tonight” and “Fire In the Hole” tell intimate stories of personal experiences.

THE CRAZY CARLS’ independent spirit is a great attraction for fans, and their broad appeal continues to grow! The band members are notorious for their intense performances and loyal fans. THE CRAZY CARLS have headlined venues throughout Florida and the Southeast. Their shows are unmatched because of their high energy and spectacular showmanship. THE CRAZY CARLS invite you to follow them for an experience that will surpass all expectations!

Contact The Crazy Carls at:

Check out their YouTube videos!

Owl Tattoo music video

New EP out now! Booking Agent:


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