1st Annual ROA Music Awards
Author(s): Tanya Morrison
Editor: Melissa Martinez
Published: November 21, 2012

The first annual Rock Over America Magazine Awards Ceremony was a night of well-deserved acknowledgement of both musicians and contributors to the music industry. Mark Lewis and Mike Povich presented each of the 20 awards at the rock club Vamp’d, here in Las Vegas, NV on Wednesday November 21, 2012.  Each awardee was chosen carefully based on their talent and musical impact.

Though the ceremony had a rough start with technical errors, Mike Povich began the first round of awards by giving this year’s Lifetime Christian Rock Achievement Award to Stryper, and Oz Fox appeared on stage to graciously accept the award and ended the quick “thank you’s” with  “We love Jesus.” The Sin City Sinners and Vinyl Tattoo tied for Rock/Metal Cover Band of the Year. Mark Lewis presented Comeback Album of the Year to The Sledge-Leather Project for their album Imagine Me Alive. The award for Music Philanthropy  for Giving Back to the Community followed next and recognized Danny and Korie Koker of Vamp'd, Stoney Curtis, and Morpheus Blak, and Shon McKee, K-Caruso, and Lisa Chapman of the Imagine Charity  for Kiss Night that  raised money for music programs here  in the Clark County School District. Lisa Chapman shared the story of a letter she received from one of the children who expressed his excitement and thank you for receiving a guitar through her amazing charity. She finished this story with the sentiments that most of us would agree with, “Arts make the world beautiful.” The Blues Heritage Artist Award was Charley Patten who was unable to receive the award himself as he died in 1934 but the Award was sent to his daughter.  The Lifetime Blues Music Award was handed to Michael “Ironman” Burks while the award for Lifetime Achievement for Rock went to Marshall Lytle of Haley's Comets and Doug Clifford and Stu Cook of CCR. 

As the ceremony reached its half-way point, Mark led the next set of awards beginning with Dead Sara who won Best New Band of 2012. Mark described them as “Rage Against the Machine with a female singer.”  Gary Brown and Dennis Jones were awarded Best Up and Coming Blues/ Rock Artists.  The Music Journalism Lifetime Achievement Award 2012 followed next for Steve Morse. The Best Blues Album was rightly given to Jump Start by Little Ed and the Blues Imperials while Turbo from The Vermin entered the stage (mentioning the TV Pilot that would debut  the following week) to accept the  Punk Band of the Year USA  award, and The Duel won for the Best Punk Rock Band UK.  The Best Christian Rock/Metal Album of 2012 went to The Cigar Chronicles by Liberty N Justice that was described by Mike Povich as being “Christian infused, yet not preachy.”  The award for Best Rock Album of 2012 went to Richie Onori for his album Days of Innocence. The award for  New Wave Of British Heavy Metal Comeback Album was given to Tokyo Blade’s outstanding album,  Thousand Men Strong (who were unable to attend as they are in England) and Savage’s Sons Of Malice. The Best New Rock Musicians of the Year featured male winner, Rocky Kramer, who is currently in Norway working on his visa and his female counterpart, Laura Wilde, who toured with Ted Nugent awhile back.

Mark Lewis presented the final three awards, beginning with the Best Rock Heavy Metal Tribute band of the Year, Aces High, who was described as “The Dickinson era of Iron Maiden.”  Its Casual took the cake for the 2 piece award of Best New Punk Band 2012. Finally, the award for the Lifetime Achievement Award for Public Relations in the Field of Music and Outstanding Service and Contributions To The Artist and The Industry ended the awards ceremony by naming Norman Winter. He was unable to attend as he is gravely ill at the moment but his family will receive this plaque nevertheless as we pray for his speedy recovery.

Though this hour and a half ceremony seemed more like a get together with old friends, each award that was given did so to each artist, person and/or band with great care and devotion for what they do. It is with great pleasure that Rock Over America recognized all the hard work, dedication and enormous love for what they do and can do in the future these individuals put in on a daily basis. I was honored to witness this event and look forward to what next year’s ceremony will entail be it new bands emerging or old band revamping. Whichever the case, you can bet it will rock the house off Vamp’d for as long as they’ll have us!

Here is the entire list of this year's winners. Join us November 9,2013 for the Second Annual Rock Over America Music Awards!!

Lifetime Music Achievement Award For Rock Music - Marshall Lytle of Haley's Comets and Doug Clifford and Stu Cook of CCR


Best New Rock Musician Of The Year Male -Rocky Kramer Female - Laura Wilde


Lifetime Blues Music Award - Michael "Ironman" Burks


Best New Band of 2012 - Dead Sara


Comeback Album Of The Year 2012-Imagine Me Alive by The Sledge-Leather Project


Best Up and Coming Blues/Rock Artist(s)-Gary Brown and Dennis Jones


NWOBHM Metal Comeback Album Of The Year -Thousand Men Strong By Tokyo Blade and Sons Of Malice by Savage


Blues Heritage Artist of 2012 - Charley Patten


Music Journalism Lifetime Achievement Award 2012 - Steve Morse


Music Philanthropy Award for giving back to the community 2012 - Danny and Korie Koker, Vamp'd Nightclub, Stoney Curtis, Shon McKee, K Dog Caruso, Morpheus Blak, and Lisa Chapman and Imagine Charity for Kiss Night to raise money for music in the Clark County Schools.


Best Blues Album of 2012 - Jump Start by Lil Ed and The Blues Imperials


Best Christian Rock/Metal Album of 2012 -The Cigar Chronicles by Liberty N Justice


Best Rock Album of 2012 - Days Of Innocence by Richie Onori


Lifetime Christian Rock Achievement Award 2012 - Stryper


Rock/Metal Cover Band of The Year - Vinyl Tattoo and The Sin City Sinners


Rock/Metal Tribute Band of The Year -Aces High


Punk Band of The Year 2012- USA - The Vermin. UK - The Duel


Best New Punk Rock Band - It's Casual


Lifetime Achievement Award For Public Relations In The Field Of Music and Outstanding Service and Contributions To The Artist and The Industry - Norman Walter


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