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Author(s): Nadine Russo
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Published: August 11, 2014

"The moon and stars have fallen, but they were easy to replace. You have been lifted up to heaven and you have taken their place". Jani Lane...   Rest In Peace Jani Lane! Today, August 11, 2014 is the 3rd anniversary of his passing on... Jani died from acute alcohol poisoning, while in the Los Angeles area. His surviving kin folk are two daughters Taylar and Madison, along with his brother Eric and three sisters Marcy, Victoria and Michelle. Jani was the youngest of the five children. Jani is also survived by his then current and 3rd wife Kimberly Nash-Lane, his soul mate.
February 1, 1964; Jani entered this world in Akron, Ohio as John Kennedy Oswald. Although, no relationship does exists between the infamous Oswald and Jani's family. Jani's parents changed his middle name from Kennedy to Patrick, within about a month of Jani's birth. Due to the many phone calls, complaining about the names Kennedy and Oswald together. After all it was 1964 and the gun was still warm, regarding Oswald shooting Kennedy. Jani arrived with the name Jani because, his grandparents spelled his name Jani and pronounced it "yay-nee." It was a natural.
Jani Lane is legendry and will be remembered for many things. At the top of the list is a multi-talented artist. Jani Lane had an amazing voice! He also played guitar. He was 12 years old when his brother gave him his first guitar. Jani played piano & drums too. He received his first set when he was just 6 years old. Jani's music has been featured in hundreds of commercials, television shows & motion pictures.
Jani topped the music charts as a writer/musician with 8 top 40 Billboard Hits, 10 Top 100 Billboard Hits and 5 #1 MTV videos. I remember the top 10 hits Warrant had back in 1989 and 1990, "Heaven" and "Cherry Pie!" "Cherry Pie" had a sexy video too! Jani married Bobbie Brown the model starring in the video. She was his first wife and their daughter is Taylar. Jani's second wife was actress Rowanne Brewer. Their daughter is Madison (Maddi.)
The band Dorian Gray was Jani's first band, he played the drums. In his second band, Plain Jane with buddy Steven Sweet he sang and wrote. That was how he hit the back time with Warrant, singing and writing. The bands were Dorian Grey and Plain Jane. Jani s' relationship with the band Warrant, composed of Erik Turner, Jerry Dixon, Joey Allen and Steven Sweet was a mock marriage. It lasted with huge success from 1986-2008 with three separations, 1993, 2004 and 2008 being the last.
Warrant played venues on the Sunset Strip in the 80's and eventually signed a record deal with CBS/Columbia Records. Warrant's albums "Dirty Filthy Stinking Rich" and "Cherry Pie" scored in the top ten on the charts. Warrant's five albums earned the band well over ten million dollars on the international market. "Photograph" is a tribute to the band Def Leppard, one of the many bands Jani paid a tribute. As a matter of fact, in 1992 Jani was the executive producer of Slammin' Gladys self titled album. In 2004 Jani contributed the lead vocals for the first time ever theme song for a movie "The Devil of Shakespear", by author Billy McCarthy, along with JY from Styx, Ron Flynn, 20/20, and Chip Z' Nuff, Enuff Z' Nuff. I did research this fact on the web. It can be verified by copyright US Government.
One of Jani's songs, preformed under Warrant, "Family Picnic" in particularly stands out in my memory, whenever I think of Jani. Because it was written to lend a voice and make people aware of the perils of child abuse. Jani was very serious about the child abuse cause. At the end of the video there is even an 800 number to call and report child abuse. Of course this number worked back when the song was a spotlighted hit. "Family Picnic" is one of the only Rock n'Roll songs, which addresses this pestilence in society. We love you Jani for all your activism.
Jani wrote or co-wrote all the songs for Warrant and many songs for music's top artist. The following is not an inclusive list of the songs Jani wrote/co-wrote:
1. "Andy Warhol was Right"
2. "Been Shot Down"
3. "Bed of Roses" " co-written with B. Hill
4. "Belly To Belly"
5. "Big Talk"
6. "Bitter Pill"
7. "Blind Faith"
8. "Bonfire"
9. "Bridges"
10. "Cold Sweat"
11. "Cherry Pie"
12. "Down Boys"
13. "Down on your knees never wanna see U/Risqué"
14. "D.R.F.S. R."
15. "Forever and a Day" Jani & T. Meagher
16. "Heaven"
17. "Hole In My Wall."
18. "Hollywood"
19. "I Saw Red"
20. "In the Sticks"
21. "Joneses"
22. "Let It Rain"
23. "Lincoln's Ford & Mercurys"
24. "Love In Stero"
25. "Machine Gun"
26. "Medicine Man"
27. "Mr. Rainmaker"
28. "Pop Music"
29. "Power 30"
31. "Quicksand"
32. "Ridin' High"
33. "Sad Thersa"
34. "So Damn Pretty (should be against the law"
35. "Sometimes She Cries"
36. "Song and Dance Man"
37. "Song For Jani"
38. "Sure Feels Good To Me" co-written with D. Stag & B. Frank
39. "32 Pennies"
40. "Stronger Now"
41. "Uncle Tom's Cabin"
42. "We will rock your world" & 2 other title-master recordings of the musical compositions
43. "What You Need"
44. "Your the Only Hell Your Mother Ever Raised"
45. "Lay Your Hands On Me"
46. "Dog Eat Dog"
47. "Ultraphobic"
As we can see Jani had achieved many accomplishments, during his musical career spanning over 20 years! Jani was an extremely talented writer, many famous bands were singing songs written by Jani. Erotic 80's bands like INXS, Thompson Twins and Alice Cooper. Jani had a lucrative solo career too. It produced the CD "Back Down To One" featuring the hit, "Twilight."
Back in 1993 Jani started working on his solo ep "Jabberwocky" and as of the time of his passing on...the album was not finished. We will have to wait and see what happens with the material from the album. Maybe it will be released posthumous.
Warrant's Erik Turners' 1998 CD "Demos For Dummies" features a lot of solo artists. Janis' voice is recognized on these three songs, "Wings of an Angel," "Don't Say Goodbye" & "Faraway Eyes." Jani lent his amazing voice to Great White, Rush and Styx's among other bands. He sang "Free For All" with Jake E Lee on the 2008 CD "Running With The Devil." Phil Lewis of LA Guns and Jani worked together on a few songs. To mention "Better Off Without You" Phil sang lead vocals with Jani singing back-up vocals.
Janis' talent is  exhibited  singing on 2 of Liberty N' Justice CD's. On Liberty N' Justice CD "4-All: The best of LNJ", Jani sang the song "Addiction. On the Liberty N' Justice CD "Hell is Comng to Dinner" Jani sang the song "Sin". Warrant's "They Came From Hollywood" is DVD and a live DVD is from the 1991 Warrant Tour, "Blood, Sweat & Beers." It was performed in the Louisiana Cajun Dome, Lafayette, LA. This tour was also a pay per view Rock Show for TV. While Jani was with the band, Saints of the Underground, they recorded the smash album, "Love The Sin Hate The Sinner", recorded in 2008. 
As mentioned above, Jani had many significant, musical compositions. Some of them have been used in motion pictures. Here are a few examples of movie and video, credited to Jani Lane's stardom. Some interesting facts have been included regarding his songs. The title song "The Power" was written by Jani Lane for the movie "Gladiator" and sung by Warrant. While Jani was an employee for hire at Columbia Pictures, a division of Columbia industries, Inc.
"Voices That Care" the one and only, documentary style, music video includes Jani Lane as one of the lead vocalist on the CD single. The intention of the video was to help boost the morale of US troops. during the "Desert Storm War." As well as supporting the international Red Cross Organization. Jani was a kind and charitable person. He liked to help with numerous causes and benefits for charities.
Jani began acting during the early 90's; he starred in 3 movies as stated in his BIO. They are "Caged Fear," "Bodyguard" and High Strung" Jani appeared on the VH1 reality show, Celebrity Fit Club 2. That aired during the 2nd season. Two weeks before Jani died he was a featured guest on "That Metal Show." Jani wrote his own life story, in March of 2011 before he passed on... Here is the link for Jani's bio: http://janilane.net/
Check out Jani Lane on his facebook pages: https://www.facebook.com/BTM4JANILANE and wwww.facebook.com/everythingjanilane. The later was started by Jani and two of his friends. The friends now use the page to keep Jani's memory alive. It currently has over 9000 followers. Author Taylor Carlson dedicated his book "HAIRcyclopedia VOl.1-The Legends" to two people one being Jani Lane.
The jacket that Jani wore in the video, "Heaven" is on display at the Hard Rock Café in Los Angeles along with Jani's guitar. There is a park bench dedicated to Jani at Wingfoot State Park in Suffield, Ohio. It is courtesy of the Suffield League, Terry Ginn & Maddi Lane. The inscription on the park bench dedicated to Jani reads:
In memory of The Song and Dance Man JANI LANE/JOHN P OSWALD Whether you knew him as John, Ozzie or Jani Lane, he was a proud Father, Son, Husband, Uncle, Brother and Friend.
He loved his daughters so very much. He was a Worldwide Entertainer, a Shooting Star.
Jani was a musical inspiration to countless individuals. He was a huge talent whose words and music touched the hearts of millions around the world.
Cherished by his fans, such an amazing talent and wonderful friend, he will be missed. Jani lives on through the words and music he left behind....



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