Artist: Dead Sara
Album: Dead Sara
Label: Unsigned
Reviewer: Mark Lewis
Date: Jun 30, 2011


Dead Sara is a wonderful and amazing treasure from L.A.  A female fronted Rock band with guts, heart, and soul.  They prove right from the get go on their debut CD that they are going to be here for a long, long time.  Comprised of Emily Armstrong on Lead Vocals, Siouxsie Medley on Lead Guitars, Chris Null on Bass, and Sean Friday on Drums, they are a 4 piece powerhouse that are going to shake up the Rock-N-Roll world in ways it hasn’t been shaken in along time.

The new album is simply self-titled as ‘Dead Sara’.  When you listen to the music, there are a couple of ballads that will reach in and grab your heart and hold it, while the rest of the album will reach inside of you and grab you and shake you to your very core.  When music has the ability to do this, it means this is something amazingly special. The album brings to light the truly amazing vocal talents of Emily.  There is an Alanis Morissette quality to her vocals on a couple of the songs, while the rest are something completely different and even more earth shattering and amazing.  Listen to songs such as “Weatherman” and you will hear what Rage Against The Machine would have sounded like if they had a female vocalist.  There is a definite “Rage” quality to more than half the songs on this album.  They are not ripping off Rage, but I do wonder how much of an impact Rage may have had on this band.  Or did they just happen to develop this way?  Fact of the matter is that vocalist Emily Armstrong “IS” the Janis Joplin for a new generation.

This is one of the most amazing CDs to come out in a long time.  Groundbreaking, earth shattering, grab you deep into your very soul and shake you at your core kind of music, that forever holds you and makes such a deep impact, the imprint is left upon you forever. I know I repeated myself here but it needed to be said again, the album is that special and amazing!!  Refreshing and about time!!!


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