Artist: Zeroking
Album: A Taste Of Self Destruction
Label: Zeroland Music/Vanity Music Group
Reviewer: Mark Lewis
Date: Aug 16, 2011


Zeroking has come seemingly out of nowhere and is one of the new bands to join The New School Of Rock (TNSOR).  They have a very classic sound and you will swear you may have heard them before, but unless you have caught them live in concert, you haven’t.  They have a sound that is timeless and will grab you from the very first minute you hear it.

The new release is a 5 song EP entitled ‘A Taste Of Self-Destruction’, and it is a prelude to their upcoming full-length album called ‘The Kings Of Self-Destruction’.  The songs on this EP are “Girls Of California”, “Stone Cold Bitch”, “She Said”, “Black Friday”, and “Kings Of Self Destruction”.  In their playing you can hear Metal, but you can also hear, very prevalently throughout the album, great Hard Rock, and if you want to get down to brass tacks, great Rock-N-Roll.  On each song, the lyrics are well thought out and the music is masterfully written.  The lyrics can be very tongue in cheek as well.  I am not sure if “Girls of California” will ever get airplay on FM radio, but I know it will on XM/Sirius satellite radio. The lyrics might be a little too much for FM.  Oh well, their loss.

Great song writing with great hooks and catchy melodies usually makes for great music.  If that is up your alley then so to is Zeroking. Go check them out now, you won’t regret it and you WILL thank me. 

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