Artist: The Fairchilds
Album: Our Revolution
Label: While The Music Played/Vertusent
Reviewer: Mark Lewis
Date: Oct 28, 2011


Bands come and go, and yet the amazing stay forever, or so it seems.  That is going to be the case for The Fairchilds.  Led by Lead Singer and Frontman, French artist Cyril Niccolai, this is a dream come true for him.  From medical school he started and then down a proverbial detour into the world and music and here we are.  If the new album is any indication, not only will this band be around for along time to come, but they will launch into the annals of greatness in very short order.

The new album is entitled ‘Our Revolution’, and it is a very apropos name indeed. The music is a departure, in a sense, from some of the music flooding airwaves recently, and yet has semblances of The New School Of Rock (TNSOR) and yet also at the same time has that classic melody and feel to it of all the great Rock/Pop songs we have come to know and love over the years.  There is a sense of “To thine own self be true” in the lyrical content on the album, and each song is a celebration of life and holding true to one’s own ideals.  Whether it deals with the topic of love such as on the song “High”, or more of a social commentary on a song such as “I Need You” or “Our Revolution”, the lyrics are thought provoking and yet socially timeless, well written and well thought out.  Very well crafted from top to bottom, and start to finish, this one is a no brainer, it has gold and platinum written all over it.  More important than that, it is an album that has meaning to it, and is not just some cutesy fluff piece of music.

The Fairchilds and Cyril will be around as long as they like, this album is evidence of that.  2011 has been an amazing year in music thus far, and this new album adds to the long list of great albums that have been released thus far, from Rock to Metal, Punk to Blues to Pop.  This one is definitely, no question, a must add to and must have for your record collection.  How soon is the band hitting the road?  Do I really have to wait??

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